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Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor

Mr. Brian Murphy

Mr. Brian Murphy (Retired Lieutenant, Oak Creek Police Department, WI), began his career in the United States Marine Corp in 1980. He served on embassy duty in Kabul, Afghanistan and Bangkok, Thailand. Upon returning to U.S. soil, he worked 5 years at the United Nations Security Service before moving to Wisconsin. He worked as a jailer for 1 year at the Jefferson County Sheriff Department and was subsequently hired at Oak Creek Police Department in 1991. Lt. Murphy steadily received promotions on the force and performed additional capacities as an Emergency Response Unit operator, explosive breacher and team leader. He was involved in the Evidence Unit for over 10 years, eventually serving as the Officer in Charge of the unit. Lt. Murphy participated in law enforcement education, holding the position of an adjunct instructor at Louisiana State University, Texas A&M and New Mexico Tech. He has a Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration from Marian University. On August 5th, 2012, Lt. Murphy was the first officer on the scene of the Sikh Temple shooting that left 6 dead and 3 injured. He sustained 15 gun shots during the gunfight. He has received numerous awards, including the Congressional Badge of Bravery and the Public Safety Medal of Valor. Today he administers the Saves Program for Armor Express, teaches in the federal Valor Program, and conducts presentations across the country on officer survival and resiliency.

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Date Created: February 24, 2021