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The Deflection Conversation Framework: Adapting Language to Reduce Stigma

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This webinar will offer insight into ways individuals working in deflection can reduce stigma when interacting with those suffering from mental health or substance use disorders.

TASC’s Center for Health and Justice (CHJ) is committed to ensure that our actions and words are consistent with reducing stigma.

This webinar features panelists that will offer insight into how language used by first responders and others working in deflection can impact those they are working with each day. It will also highlight the language that can lead to stigma and the current acceptable language that should be used in order to help reduce stigma, increase community awareness, and provide insight which allows individuals access to care. The webinar will conclude with Q&A with attendees.


  • Chelsea Laliberte-Barnes, CHJ
  • Thomas Bashore, CHJ
  • Jarmichael Harris, Director of Scholastic Recovery, Addiction Professionals of North Carolina

Date Created: October 11, 2022