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Available Funding


The funding opportunities listed below have been temporarily removed from the JustGrants and Grants.gov websites. The solicitations are being revised to align with current Administration priorities and will be reposted as soon as possible.

  • Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation Program
  • State Criminal Alien Assistance Program (SCAAP)

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FY 2021 John R. Justice (JRJ) Program

Closing Date
This program provides student loan repayment assistance for local, state, and federal public defenders and local and state prosecutors who commit to extended service in those roles.

FY 2021 DNA Capacity Enhancement for Backlog Reduction (CEBR) Program

Closing Date
This program provides funding to states and units of local government with existing crime laboratories that conduct DNA analysis to increase the capacity of publicly funded forensic DNA and DNA database laboratories to process more DNA samples, thereby helping to reduce the number of forensic DNA and DNA database samples awaiting analysis and/or prevent a backlog of forensic and database DNA samples.

FY 2021 National Sexual Assault Kit Initiative

Closing Date
This program serves to improve: (1) state and local jurisdictions’ capacities to respond to violent crime and (2) the functioning of the criminal justice system through the investigation and prosecution of cases resulting from sexual assault kit evidence and the collection of lawfully owed DNA.

FY 2021 Postconviction Testing of DNA Evidence

Closing Date
This program provides funding to assist in defraying the costs associated with postconviction case review, evidence location, and DNA testing in violent felony cases (as defined by state law) where the results of such testing might show actual innocence.

FY 2021 Second Chance Act Pay for Success Initiative

Closing Date
This program provides funding for state, local, and tribal governments to enhance or implement performance-based and outcomes-based contracts with reentry, permanent supportive housing, or recovery housing providers to reduce recidivism and address the substance use disorders impacting formerly incarcerated people.

FY 2021 Justice Reinvestment Initiative: Reducing Crime by Improving Justice System Performance

Closing Date
This program provides funding to develop and implement innovative and research-based responses that address a range of criminal justice system problems. It employs the Justice Reinvestment approach, which recognizes that every justice agency has a role to play in preventing crime, ensuring a fair and efficient justice system, facilitating appropriate sentencing and treatment, and protecting community security.

FY 2021 The HOPE Institute: Applying the Principles of Swiftness, Certainty, and Fairness

Closing Date
This solicitation seeks a training and technical assistance (TTA) provider to provide information, resources, and TTA to state, local, and tribal community supervision agencies seeking to develop and test new or enhanced applications of the SCF principles using a data-driven, collaborative process that is informed by research and responsive to local circumstances.

Additional Opportunity

FY 2021 Patrick Leahy Bulletproof Vest Partnership (BVP)
Deadline: 6:00 p.m. ET, June 14, 2021
The purpose of the Patrick Leahy BVP Program is to reimburse states, counties, federally recognized tribes, cities, and local jurisdictions up to 50% of the cost of body armor vests purchased for law enforcement officers.