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Real Property Reporting

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When Office of Justice Programs (OJP) grant funds are used to acquire an interest in real property or to make improvements to such property (such as through a grant-funded construction or renovation project), OJP has an interest in the grant award recipient’s continuing use of said property for the originally funded purpose. OJP's interest extends throughout the useful life of the real property acquired or real-property improvements made, regardless of the award's end date.

In order to protect OJP's interest, 2 C.F.R. § 200.330 requires the award recipient to report on the real property acquired or real-property improvements made throughout the grant funding period for as long as OJP’s interest therein is retained. In keeping with the requirements set forth in the regulation, OJP must require a nonfederal entity to submit reports at least annually on the status of real property in which the federal government retains an interest, unless the federal interest in the real property extends 15 years or longer. In those instances where the federal interest is for 15 years or longer, OJP may require the nonfederal entity to report at multiyear frequencies (e.g., every 2 or 3 years, not to exceed a 5-year reporting period.

Real property may consist of land, land and buildings and other improvements, or buildings only, with or without related personal property.

For more information about OJP’s real property reporting requirements, please review the following:

Date Modified: February 23, 2023
Date Created: July 8, 2022