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Forensic Sciences

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The Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) helps to make American communities safer by strengthening the nation’s criminal justice system. Through grants, training and technical assistance, and policy development services, BJA provides state, local, and tribal governments with the tools and best practices they need to reduce crime, support justice system personnel, and combat victimization.

BJA provides funding and other support through a number of programs and services. In fiscal year 2020, several forensic science funding programs moved from the National Institute of Justice to BJA. Following are a sampling of available BJA resources that are specifically related to forensic science matters:

In the News

Sexual Assault Kit Initiative leads to Arrest of Suspect Hiding in Scotland
A January 12, 2022, press release from the Utah County Attorney’s Office highlights how Sexual Assault Kit Initiative funds provided by the Bureau of Justice Assistance played a significant role in testing backlogged kits, leading to the arrest of Nicholas Rossi, a suspect from a 2008 sexual assault case. View the press release to learn more.

Date Created: August 3, 2021