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Grief & Loss in Law Enforcement: Helping Officers and Agencies Recover and Heal

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Law enforcement officers will experience loss and grief at some point in their career, whether dealing with personal or job-related losses. Grief does not always mean mourning a person’s death. Officers can suffer grief with any significant change such as a divorce, personal injury, demotion, or internal affairs investigation. Grief can also occur in response to perceived positive events such as retirement.

Understanding the effects of grief, signs of complicated grief, and strategies that can be supportive after a loss is critical for officers to continue to be able to do their work effectively. Implementing policies and programs to help officers recognize and access appropriate supports to process the pain from grief and loss can help officers heal and agencies to continue to operate.

This webinar will present both agency and individual best practices that can help officers heal and grow from grief and loss. Officers, command staff, law enforcement employee assistance program personnel, officer safety and wellness staff, and mental health professionals all have a role to play in helping individuals and agencies struggling with these issues and are encouraged to attend.

A Bureau of Justice Assistance representative will provide the Opening Remarks for this event.

Date Created: May 10, 2021