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How to Use Participatory Research in Your Reentry Program Evaluation (and Why You Might Want To)

Second Chance Month 2022
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Participatory research is an approach to and framework for creating knowledge where those most directly affected by an issue or intervention take the lead in the study of it. This webinar, led by the Evaluation and Sustainability Training and Technical Assistance team and featuring reentry program practitioners, will provide an overview of participatory research and discuss different ways that reentry programs can engage impacted populations (e.g., formerly incarcerated persons, past program participants) in the evaluation of their programs. It will discuss key benefits, potential challenges and how to navigate them, and examples of successful implementation.

Speakers include:

  • Rachel Swaner, Research Director, Center for Court Innovation
  • Monica Sheppard, Research Analyst, Transformative Research Unit for Equity, RTI International
  • Michael Cannon, Reentry Navigator, Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership
  • Elizabeth Johnston, Reentry Department Intern, Family Services of Montgomery County

Date Created: March 7, 2022