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Integrating Culturally-based Practices with Western Treatment Modalities

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Presented by Dr. Alberta Arviso of the University of Arizona’s Native American Research Training Center, this webinar will aid skill building in cultural competence and clinical practice working with indigenous communities, specifically working with those impacted by crime, incarceration, and reentry into the community.

Dr. Arviso’s presentation will provide relevant knowledge and strategies to nurture strengths and promote resiliency among Native Americans. Inclusion of culturally responsive methods and important factors such as family, community, and tribal heritage will be included. Community models of comprehensive care and trauma informed care will be highlighted.

The learning objectives of this presentation include:

  1. The presentation will share the strengths and strategies for culturally relevant and trauma informed approaches and how this relates to training on all levels - services providers to policy making.
  2. Demonstrate a basic understanding and appreciation of Native American approaches to wellness and healing.
  3. Demonstrate the importance of collectivity and collaboration in the process of serving Native Americans within the community.

This is a unique opportunity to build on community supervision strategies and dive into how cultural awareness can make a major difference in reduction of recidivism.

This webinar is offered through the BJA-sponsored Tribal Community Corrections Support Center.

Date Created: July 30, 2020