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Leveraging Technology and Innovation for Reentry Support and Success

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In the pre-COVID-19 world, the statistics surrounding addiction and opioid use disorder were already staggering. Now, as communities and providers slowly reopen, there are remarkable increases in behavioral health issues. Many individuals have experienced higher levels of anxiety, depression, social isolation, financial worries, changes at work and home, and a continuous sense of uncertainty. If there have been any silver linings associated with COVID-19 and the associated quarantine measures, one is the broad expansion and adoption of tech enabled tools for the delivery of support to people in treatment and recovery.

In this webinar, presenters will provide an overview of tech tools for treatment and recovery, explore the different opportunities for utilizing tech enabled supports for people at reentry, and discuss best practices for implementation.

After completing this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the current landscape of tech-enabled tools for supporting people struggling with substance use disorders
  • Recognize and overcome barriers to the implementation of tech-enabled treatment
  • Utilize app-based technology to refer clients to peer coaching support and services

Date Created: July 20, 2021