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National Racial and Ethnic Disparities Conference

Event Dates
Scottsdale Plaza Resort

Scottsdale, AZ

The conference will focus on ways that young people and their communities, as well as State Advisory Groups, law enforcement, court officials, and advocacy groups can work together to combat racial and ethnic disparities.

Specifically, the conference will focus on:
- How are communities taking action to address and end racial and ethnic disparities?

- How do we shift our focus and work from Disproportionate Minority Contact to Racial and Ethnic Disparities?

- What role does data collection play in eliminating racial and ethnic disparities, and how can collection be improved?

- What changes can be made at the system's front end to reduce racial and ethnic disparities?

- How can youth advocates, law enforcement, attorneys, the judiciary, and community leaders work together to combat the crisis?

Sponsor(s) / Host(s)
Coalition for Juvenile Justice
Date Created: December 6, 2019