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National Sexual Assault Kit Initiative (SAKI) Grantees Meeting

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This meeting is open to all BJA Sexual Assault Kit Initiative (SAKI) awardees as well as a select number of jurisdictions involved in the pursuit of justice to sexual violence. It will provide local, state, and federal agencies expertise and assistance to establish effective and sustainable practices for inventorying, tracking and processing sexual assault forensic evidence, investigating and prosecuting cold case sexual assaults, identifying the relationship between sexual assault and other violent crimes, and supporting survivors of sexual assault.

The goal of this meeting is to provide a platform to discuss the sustainability of jurisdictional efforts towards identification, investigation, and prosecution of serial offenders associated with unsubmitted sexual assault kits and other violent crimes. Another goal is to produce a set of recommendations and promising practices to improve policies related to the testing of sexual assault evidence and the investigation and prosecution of sexual assault cases.

Date Created: August 20, 2020