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Promoting Equity through Police-Mental Health Collaborations (PMHCs): A Community Workshop

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Advancing racial equity as law enforcement and behavioral health (LE-BH) teams respond to encounters with people living with mental health needs and/or substance use disorders continues to be challenging for communities. This “Community Workshop” will provide guidance in three key areas: 

  1. Key factors contributing to persistent racial and social inequities in LE-BH service delivery, including the underlying determinants of structural and systemic racism found across justice and health systems
  2. Integration of data analysis to inform and evaluate diversity, equity, and inclusion challenges impacting LE-BH policies, practices, and outcomes
  3. Emerging and evidence-based best practices from across the country 

This webinar will be led by experts from Effective Law Enforcement for All, Inc. (ELEFA), in conjunction with CSG Justice Center staff. Following the event, ELEFA will offer one-on-one technical assistance on reimagining public safety, diversity, equity, and inclusion applicable to LE-BH collaboratives.  


  • Dr. Ashley Burns, Executive Director, ELEFA 
  • Dr. Theron Bowman, CEO, The Bowman Group  
  • Dr. Matt Ross, Associate Professor, School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs and Department of Economics, Northeastern University 
  • Rashida Ogletree-George, Esq., Legal Expert, The Bowman Group 

Date Created: November 27, 2023