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Reentry 101: Establishing Basic Standards for Reentry Success

Second Chance Month 2022
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During this webinar, hear from five grantees who have established innovative ways to enhance the reentry experience through standards of programming, practices, and policy changes that focus on:

  • Identification credentials.
  • Enrollment in insurance.
  • Ongoing medical needs.
  • Follow-up appointments to promote reentry success.
  • Reintegration into the family unit.

Implementation of these standards will be discussed, and grantees will share what these processes look like if implemented properly, along with identifying typical partners that they have asked to join with them to implement these standards, and the importance of these to reentry success.

Moderated by the American Institutes for Research's Simon Gonsoulin, presenters include:

  • Robert Vehock, Program Manager, Office of Reentry and Education Services, Louisiana Department of Corrections
  • Rhett Covington, Assistant Secretary, Office of Reentry and Education Services, Louisiana Department of Corrections
  • Crystal Speer, Programs Director, Kansas Department of Corrections
  • Toby Savitz, Director of Programs, Family Pathfinders (Texas)
  • Kristin Tiedeman, Program Manager/SUD Treatment Counselor, Mountain Comprehensive Care Center (Kentucky)
  • Gunner Johnson, Reentry Manager, Insight Garden Program (California)
  • Jamala Taylor, Los Angeles Reentry Coordinator, Insight Garden Program (California)

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Date Created: March 7, 2022