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Smart Connected Technology: The Next Evolution in Mass Spectrometry (Webinar)

Event Dates
In the third webinar in Agilent's Forensics Smart Connected Laboratory Webinar Series, Senior Director of Marketing, David Edwards, will discuss how the technological evolution of smart connected mass spectrometry instruments and associated software will play a role in increasing efficiency and productivity in the forensic laboratory.

Examples will be given across a range of LC/MS and GC/MS instruments of how smart connected instruments reduce user errors, reduce unplanned instrument downtime and accelerate data analysis and reporting.

Detailed Learning Objectives:
- Understand the evolution of smart technologies used in Mass Spectrometers
- Be able to identify opportunities to use smart connected technology and modern digital learning tools in order to reduce user errors and increase proficiency
- Learn how smart instrument and software features can help improve mass spec data quality and reduce unplanned instrument downtime resulting in increased productivity in the forensic laboratory

Date Created: December 6, 2019