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Strategies for Youth Reentry in Rural Communities

Second Chance Month 2022
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The session will focus on youth reentering rural communities and will emphasize effective strategies to address education and workforce solutions, meaningful family engagement, and youth wellbeing.

Moderated by the Director of the Center for Juvenile Justice Reform, Michael Umpierre, presenters include:

  • Shay Bilchik, Stoneleigh Foundation Visiting Fellow, Director Emeritus, Center for Juvenile Justice Reform
  • Christine Humowitz, Center for Juvenile Justice Reform
  • Brett Peterson, Director, Utah Division of Juvenile Justice Services
  • Christy Doyle, Director of the Office of Behavioral Health Services, Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice
  • Becki Moore, DYS Director of Community Operations, Massachusetts Department of Youth Services

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Date Created: March 7, 2022