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Trauma-Informed, Resilience-Oriented Classrooms

Self-paced training offered through the National Center for School Safety
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In this self-paced training, presenters discuss the concept of trauma-informed, resilience-oriented schools. This innovation encourages schools to infuse the values of safety, trust, choice, collaboration, empowerment, peer support, diversity and inclusion into their multi-tiered system of supports. This training contains three modules: Safe and Secure Environments for All, Addressing Implicit Bias in the Classroom, and Addressing Challenging Behaviors in the Classroom.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the components of a trauma-informed, resilience-oriented classroom
  • Define the categories of safety
  • Summarize the impact of implicit bias on academic outcomes
  • Implement trauma-informed, resilience-oriented strategies to address educational disparities
  • Adapt three methods of addressing behavioral concerns

This training is offered through the Bureau of Justice Assistance-supported National Center for School Safety.

Date Created: December 15, 2022