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A Unique Approach to a Crime Gun Intelligence Center with the Inclusion and Support of 3D Virtual Comparison Technologies

Event Dates

Detailed Learning Objectives

  1. Attendees will learn about the structure of the Phoenix Police Department's Crime Gun Intelligence Unit (CGIU) and their "outside of the lab" approach to firearm investigations by using the National Integrated Ballistic Information Network (NIBIN) to provide investigators with real-time, actionable intelligence that assists in the arrest and prosecution of violent firearm offenders.
  2. Attendees will understand how a partnership between the CGIU and the Crime Laboratory was necessary for the creation of a collaborative approach to the processing and analysis of firearms evidence.
  3. Attendees will comprehend how 3D technologies can be used to advance NIBIN lead discovery and laboratory confirmation through virtual comparison microscopy.


  • Michael Beddow, M.S. | Forensic Firearm and Toolmark Examiner, Phoenix Police Department Crime Laboratory
  • Jessica Ellefritz, B.S. | Supervisor, Crime Gun Intelligence Unit, Phoenix Police Department Violent Crimes Bureau 

Date Created: January 19, 2022