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Using Local Innovation to Address Racial Disparities in Criminal Justice Programs

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As communities across the country seek to implement effective criminal justice programs to enhance public safety and reduce recidivism, it is essential for local leaders to prioritize racial equity when developing, launching, and evaluating programs.

While Black, Indigenous, and People of Color are overrepresented in the criminal justice system, they often do not receive equal access to criminal justice programs that can address their needs and improve successful outcomes. This discussion-based webinar, facilitated by the National League of Cities, will highlight local innovations in municipal criminal justice programs from Charlotte, North Carolina; Minneapolis, Minnesota; and St. Louis, Missouri. Participants will hear from local leaders about their successes and challenges in ensuring that race equity is embedded within comprehensive safety planning, violence interruption programs, and alternative/civilian response models.

This webinar is intended for local stakeholders invested in launching programs at the intersection of criminal justice and behavioral health that address racial inequities and disparate outcomes.

Date Created: July 29, 2022