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Using Your Words: Communicating Your Authority (Webinar)

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Communication skills play a critical role in achieving success in your career. Research in this area has recognized men and women differ in their communication styles. How we communicate goes back to our early socialization. Studies have shown that men's socialization identifies more with assertive, powerful, take charge statements, where women are often taught to be nurturing, encouraging and collaborative. These gender stereotypes and societal perceptions can lead to misconception and erroneous assumptions of women's ability to lead and command.

Communication skills are highly valued and communication accuracy is essential for clear direction and effectiveness.

In this webinar, attendees will:
- Recognize the impact of early socialization and societal perceptions towards women and its impact on women in law enforcement
- Understand that although men and women may communicate differently, there is no one specific way to deliver the message
- Which has greater impact -- your voice or your non-verbal communication?
- Introduce alternative ways to deliver your message; eliminate disclaimers, and avoid miscommunication.

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Date Created: December 6, 2019