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Watch Your Six: Because Making It Home is Just the Beginning (Webinar)

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This training module encourages and equips law enforcement and criminal justice professionals, and their family members, to guard the six most vulnerable areas of life to promote health and well-being.

Officers often stress officer safety and going home at the end of the shift. In this presentation, Jonathan asks, "What then?" to not only raise awareness about the real challenges facing our families, but also to offer steps through the development of a strategic action plan for successfully navigating a thriving career and home life.

As a result of Part 2 of this presentation, the attendee will:

- Review and build upon the foundational awareness from Part 1 by receiving six tips for becoming resilient and navigating the challenges of personal crisis or traumatic events.
- Develop a personal action plan that includes SMART goals and can be implemented immediately for wellness.
- Receive access to additional resources from the Presenter that will facilitate continued learning and personal development.

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Date Created: December 6, 2019