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Web Resources for Identifying Effective Criminal Justice Programs: What They Offer and How They Differ

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Researchers, program planners, and policy makers have access to a number of web-based resources that serve as a centralized source of information on what works in criminal and juvenile justice. These resources typically present information on the characteristics and effectiveness of various programs or practices along with a summary of the empirical evidence on their effectiveness drawn from evaluations or meta-analyses.

While these resources are valuable tools for identifying not only what works, but also where additional research is needed, a considerable amount of variation exists in the nature, focus and content of these resources, as well as the criteria and process they use to gauge program or practice effectiveness. These variations are important to know and understand if these resources are to be navigated and used effectively.

This webinar is designed to help potential users better understand how several high-profile resources vary in their content and approach for determining what works, including CrimeSolutions.gov, the OJJDP Model Programs Guide, Blueprints for Healthy Youth Development, Campbell Collaboration Library of Systematic Reviews, and the Washington State Institute of Public Policy (WSIPP) Benefit-Cost Results Tables.

The webinar will explore the nature and content of each resource, as well as the methodologies and criteria each uses to identify what works.

Date Created: June 23, 2020