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Access information below about previously awarded funding through Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) programs. Use the search filters to find award details for specific programs, years, awardee locations, and more.

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Awardee Name: Massachusetts Department of Correction

Number of Awards: 5
Total Amount Awarded: $2,378,987

Funded Awards
FY Sort ascending Title Original Solicitation Recipient State Award Number Amount Status
2014 Massachusetts DOC PREA Project BJA FY 14 PREA Program: Demonstration Projects to Establish "Zero Tolerance" Cultures for Sexual Assault in Correctional Facilities: Units of state government agencies Massachusetts Department of Correction MA 2014-RP-BX-0068 $377,966 Closed
2013 MDOC-CISCO collaborative Technology Training Project BJA FY 13 Second Chance Act Technology Career Training Program for Incarcerated Adults and Juveniles Massachusetts Department of Correction MA 2013-RV-BX-0002 $614,859 Closed
2010 New Clean/Green Energy Training Program is a partnership between Massachusetts DOC & Community Colleges to establish a green technology training at 5 DOC minimum security facilities across the state. BJA FY 10 Second Chance Act Technology Careers Training Demonstration Projects for Incarcerated Adults and Juveniles Massachusetts Department of Correction MA 2010-RV-BX-0002 $679,730 Closed
2010 Strengthening Families in Transition is a project to expand services at the existing MDOC prison-based family treatment program to provide enhanced aftercare services for women during reentry process. BJA FY 10 Family-Based Prisoner Substance Abuse Treatment Program: Units or components of state and local government agencies serving incarcerated adults Massachusetts Department of Correction MA 2010-RN-BX-0003 $284,557 Closed
2006 Prisoner Reentry Initiative BJA FY 2006 Prisoner Reentry Initiative (PRI) Massachusetts Department of Correction MA 2006-RE-CX-0010 $421,875 Closed