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Access information below about previously awarded funding through Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) programs. Use the search filters to find award details for specific programs, years, awardee locations, and more.

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Awardee Name: Multnomah, County of

Number of Awards: 15
Total Amount Awarded: $9,129,659

Funded Awards
FY Sort ascending Title Original Solicitation Recipient State Award Number Amount Status
2022 Community-Based Gun Violence Intervention FY 2022 Invited to Apply - Byrne Discretionary Community Project Funding/Byrne Discretionary Grants Program MULTNOMAH, COUNTY OF OR 15PBJA-22-GG-00156-BRND $132,000 Open
2022 Expand and Enhance the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office supported recovery program, which works to connect individuals with SUD treatment needs to community providers and peer support. FY 2022 Comprehensive Opioid, Stimulant, and Substance Abuse Site-based Program MULTNOMAH, COUNTY OF OR 15PBJA-22-GG-04411-COAP $1,599,984 Open
2022 Hate Crime Reporting and Response Initiative (HCRRI) FY 2022 Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Program MULTNOMAH, COUNTY OF OR 15PBJA-22-GG-01559-HATE $400,000 Open
2021 Behavioral Health Connections Program MULTNOMAH, COUNTY OF OR 15PBJA-21-GG-04289-MENT $546,146 Open
2021 MULTNOMAH COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT BJA STOP SCHOOL VIOLENCE FY 2021 Preventing School Violence: BJA’s STOP School Violence Program MULTNOMAH, COUNTY OF OR 15PBJA-21-GG-04635-STOP $999,993 Open
2020 Innovative Prosecution Initiative FY 2020 Innovative Prosecution Solutions for Combating Violent Crime MULTNOMAH, COUNTY OF OR 2020-YX-BX-0011 $340,000 Open
2020 IPSCVC 2020: Multnomah County, Strategic Prosecution Enhancement Project FY 2020 Innovative Prosecution Solutions for Combating Violent Crime MULTNOMAH, COUNTY OF OR 2020-YX-BX-0011 $340,000 Awarded, but not yet accepted
2020 Personal Protective Eyewear for Uniformed Officers in Multnomah County MULTNOMAH, COUNTY OF OR 2020-DJ-BX-1033 $75,000 Closed
2019 Peer-driven Approach to Address Opioid Use Disorder BJA FY 19 Comprehensive Opioid Abuse Site-based Program MULTNOMAH, COUNTY OF OR 2019-AR-BX-K024 $1,200,000 Past Project Period End Date
2018 Multnomah County Innovations in Supervision BJA FY 18 Innovations in Supervision Initiative: Building Capacity to Create Safer Communities MULTNOMAH, COUNTY OF OR 2018-SM-BX-0002 $650,000 Closed
2017 Women's Reentry Assessment, Programming and Services (WRAPS) Program BJA FY 17 Smart Reentry: Focus on Evidence-Based Strategies for Successful Reentry from Incarceration to Community MULTNOMAH, COUNTY OF OR 2017-CZ-BX-0002 $1,000,000 Closed
2016 The Project will Increase START Court Participant Success by Enhancing Access to Housing Supports and Services Adult Drug Court Discretionary Grant Program Multnomah, County of OR 2016-DC-BX-0062 $300,000 Closed
2015 Gender Specific Reentry Project BJA FY 15 Second Chance Act Reentry Program for Adults with Co-Occurring Substance Abuse and Mental Disorders Multnomah, County of OR 2015-RW-BX-0001 $600,000 Closed
2015 Multnomah County Smart Supervision Project BJA FY 15 Smart Supervision: Reducing Prison Populations, Saving Money, and Creating Safer Communities Multnomah, County of OR 2015-SM-BX-0001 $746,536 Closed
2014 The Multnomah County Drug Court Enhancement Project BJA FY 14 Adult Drug Court Discretionary Grant Program: Statewide Multnomah, County of OR 2014-DC-BX-0023 $200,000 Closed