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Access information below about previously awarded funding through Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) programs. Use the search filters to find award details for specific programs, years, awardee locations, and more.

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Number of Awards: 35,889
Total Amount Awarded: $15,758,241,763

Funded Awards
FY Sort ascending Title Original Solicitation Recipient State Award Number Amount Status
2021 2021 JAG Kern County Target Gang Vertical Prosecution Program KERN, COUNTY OF CA 15PBJA-21-GG-01206-JAGX $187,212 Open
2021 2021 JAG Local MARSHALL, CITY OF (INC) TX 15PBJA-21-GG-01887-JAGX $10,716 Open
2021 2021 JAG Local Solicitation FAYETTEVILLE, CITY OF AR 15PBJA-21-GG-01143-JAGX $54,909 Open
2021 2021 JAG Program - Local Solicitation PPD PHILADELPHIA, CITY OF PA 15PBJA-21-GG-01777-JAGX $1,499,662 Open
2021 2021 JAG Public Safety Project COUNTY OF SEDGWICK KS 15PBJA-21-GG-01490-JAGX $443,481 Open
2021 2021 JAG Solicitation FLINT, CHARTER TOWNSHIP OF MI 15PBJA-21-GG-01578-JAGX $182,461 Open
2021 2021 JAG Special Services Unit Equipment Program BRIGHTON, CITY OF CO 15PBJA-21-GG-01271-JAGX $14,653 Open
2021 2021 JAG split with MCSO for equipment purchases. YOUNGSTOWN, CITY OF OH 15PBJA-21-GG-01744-JAGX $37,767 Open
2021 2021 JAG TASER GRANT LUFKIN, CITY OF TX 15PBJA-21-GG-01886-JAGX $11,906 Open
2021 2021 JAG Utility Terrain Vehicle (Community Enhancement and Engagement) BURLINGTON, CITY OF IA 15PBJA-21-GG-01427-JAGX $24,667 Open
2021 2021 John R Justice Program FY 2021 John R. Justice (JRJ) Program ATTORNEY GENERAL, MISSOURI OFFICE OF THE MO 15PBJA-21-GG-00117-JRJX $43,527 Awarded, but not yet accepted
2021 2021 John R. Justice Grant FY 2021 John R. Justice (JRJ) Program REGENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF IDAHO ID 15PBJA-21-GG-00108-JRJX $34,017 Awarded, but not yet accepted
2021 2021 Justice Assistance Grant GASTONIA, CITY OF NC 15PBJA-21-GG-01644-JAGX $71,008 Open
2021 2021 Justice Assistance Grant PORTLAND MAIN, CITY OF ME 15PBJA-21-GG-01569-JAGX $101,180 Open
2021 2021 Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) GREEN BAY, CITY OF WI 15PBJA-21-GG-01974-JAGX $52,998 Open
2021 2021 Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) - City of Mankato and Blue Earth County Project MANKATO, CITY OF MN 15PBJA-21-GG-01600-JAGX $15,104 Open
2021 2021 Justice Assistance Grant funds to support the police departments of the Cities of Vineland, Bridgeton and Millville and the the County of Cumberland Prosecutor's Office. VINELAND, CITY OF NJ 15PBJA-21-GG-01692-JAGX $78,607 Open
2021 2021 Justice Assistance Grant Program, City of Salinas and County of Monterey SALINAS, CITY OF CA 15PBJA-21-GG-01184-JAGX $88,622 Open
2021 2021 Justice Assistance Grant Project, Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County SALT LAKE CITY CORPORATION UT 15PBJA-21-GG-01909-JAGX $340,246 Open
2021 2021 Kalamazoo City and County JAG KALAMAZOO, CITY OF MI 15PBJA-21-GG-01582-JAGX $103,751 Awarded, but not yet accepted
2021 2021 La Crosse JAG Collaboration LA CROSSE, CITY OF WI 15PBJA-21-GG-01980-JAGX $14,195 Open
2021 2021 Lake County Crime Laboratory capacity enhancement through the upgrading and maintaining of equipment, retention of personnel and enhancing capabilities. COUNTY OF LAKE OH 15PBJA-21-GG-03165-DNAX $259,064 Open
2021 2021 Law Enforcement Equipment Grant MERIDIAN, CITY OF MS 15PBJA-21-GG-01624-JAGX $31,203 Open
2021 2021 Madison SPI MADISON, CITY OF WI 15PBJA-21-GG-01981-JAGX $101,346 Open
2021 2021 Milwaukee Unified Public Safety Initiative MILWAUKEE COUNTY, WISCONSIN WI 15PBJA-21-GG-01982-JAGX $922,735 Open