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State: CT

Number of Awards: 492
Total Amount Awarded: $148,778,857

Funded Awards
FY Sort ascending Title Original Solicitation Recipient State Award Number Amount Status
2021 2021 Connecticut Sexual Assault Kit Initiative (Purpose Area 1) FY 2021 National Sexual Assault Kit Initiative EMERGENCY SERVICES AND PUBLIC PROTECTION, DEPARTMENT OF CT 15PBJA-21-GG-04312-SAKI $1,971,259 Open
2021 2021 DNA Capacity Enhancement for Backlog Reduction (CEBR) Program EMERGENCY SERVICES AND PUBLIC PROTECTION, DEPARTMENT OF CT 15PBJA-21-GG-03108-DNAX $821,735 Open
2021 2021 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Connecticut POLICY AND MANAGEMENT, CONNECTICUT STATE OFFICE OF CT 15PBJA-21-GG-00267-JAGX $1,665,149 Open
2021 2021 Paul Coverdell Forensic Science Improvement Grants Program - Formula EMERGENCY SERVICES AND PUBLIC PROTECTION, DEPARTMENT OF CT 15PBJA-21-GG-02894-COVE $296,966 Open
2021 2021 Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) Reallocation Funds Connecticut POLICY AND MANAGEMENT, CONNECTICUT STATE OFFICE OF CT 15PBJA-21-GG-00321-JAGP $61,315 Open
2021 2021 Sex Offender and Registration Notification Act (SORNA) Reallocation Funds Connecticut POLICY AND MANAGEMENT, CONNECTICUT STATE OFFICE OF CT 15PBJA-21-GG-00297-JAGS $122,631 Open
2021 City of Bridgeport- FY 21 JAG Grant Application BRIDGEPORT, CITY OF CT 15PBJA-21-GG-01284-JAGX $161,147 Open
2021 Community-Based Threat Assessment System for the New Haven (CT) Public Schools. FY 2021 Preventing School Violence: BJA’s STOP School Violence Program CT 15PBJA-21-GG-04671-STOP $999,000 Open
2021 Connecticut Community and Law Enforcement for Addiction Recovery (CLEAR) FY 2021 Comprehensive Opioid, Stimulant, and Substance Abuse Site-based Program MENTAL HEALTH AND ADDICTION SERVICES, CONNECTICUT DEPARTMENT OF CT 15PBJA-21-GG-04507-COAP $5,999,998 Open
2021 Connecticut Project Safe Neighborhood's Violence Prevention Program FY 2021 Project Safe Neighborhoods JUSTICE EDUCATION CENTER INC CT 15PBJA-21-GG-03007-GUNP $161,479 Open
2021 Crime Prevention and Community Engagement NEW BRITAIN, CITY OF CT 15PBJA-21-GG-01289-JAGX $45,814 Open
2021 CT FY2021 John R Justice Program FY 2021 John R. Justice (JRJ) Program OFFICE OF HIGHER EDUCATION CT 15PBJA-21-GG-00102-JRJX $37,821 Open
2021 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program FY 2021 Local Solicitation DANBURY, CITY OF CT 15PBJA-21-GG-01285-JAGX $20,568 Open
2021 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Grant (JAG) Program FY 2021 WEST HAVEN, CITY OF CT 15PBJA-21-GG-01297-JAGX $17,585 Open
2021 Enhance body-worn camera program by acquiring new cameras. STRATFORD, TOWN OF CT 15PBJA-21-GG-01295-JAGX $10,901 Open
2021 Enhancing Public Safety in Challenging Times NEW HAVEN, CITY OF (INC) CT 15PBJA-21-GG-01290-JAGX $173,951 Open
2021 Expanding and Implementing Reentry Welcome Centers in Hartford and Waterbury, CT FY 2021 Second Chance Act Community-Based Reentry Program COMMUNITY PARTNERS IN ACTION CT 15PBJA-21-GG-02844-SCAX $750,000 Open
2021 Greater New Haven Pathway Home FY 2021 Second Chance Act: Adult Reentry Education, Employment, Treatment and Recovery Program WORKFORCE ALLIANCE INC CT 15PBJA-21-GG-04026-SCAX $900,000 Open
2021 Hamden Police Department ACO Improvement Program HAMDEN, TOWN OF (INC) CT 15PBJA-21-GG-01287-JAGX $30,183 Open
2021 Hartford FY21 Smart Policing Initiative HARTFORD, CITY OF CT 15PBJA-21-GG-04379-SMTP $499,737 Open
2021 Hartford JAG 2021 HARTFORD, CITY OF CT 15PBJA-21-GG-01283-JAGX $190,508 Open
2021 High visibility and selective enforcement patrols NORWALK, CITY OF CT 15PBJA-21-GG-01292-JAGX $35,428 Open
2021 Norwich Police Department Technology Upgrade and Development NORWICH, CITY OF CT 15PBJA-21-GG-01293-JAGX $18,768 Open
2021 Purchase of speed signs and message boards. EAST HARTFORD, TOWN OF CT 15PBJA-21-GG-01286-JAGX $16,814 Open
2021 Staffing to respond to community needs and uphold quality of life. MERIDEN, CITY OF CT 15PBJA-21-GG-01288-JAGX $30,594 Open