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Fiscal Year 2021 Awards

Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) grantees will be notified through the JustGrants system when they have received an award. All grants not awarded by September 30 will be made as soon as possible on a rolling basis and no later than December 31, 2021. Applicants not receiving an FY 2021 award will be notified as soon as possible, but no later than the calendar year-end. The table below will be updated as BJA awards are released.


Access information below about previously awarded funding through Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) programs. Use the search filters to find award details for specific programs, years, awardee locations, and more.

Grantees: use the BJA Performance Measurement Tool to identify, collect, and report data on activities funded by your award.

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State: VA

Number of Awards: 1,221
Total Amount Awarded: $675,807,188

Funded Awards
FY Sort ascending Title Original Solicitation Recipient State Award Number Amount Status
2021 2021 JAG Grant Henry County Sheriff’s Office High Impact and Directed Enforcement Project HENRY, COUNTY OF VA 15PBJA-21-GG-01936-JAGX $16,743 Open
2021 Addressing hate crime/bias motivated crime with education and awareness RICHMOND, CITY OF VA 15PBJA-21-GG-03209-HATE $300,000 Open
2021 Arlington County FY21 JAG ARLINGTON, COUNTY OF VA 15PBJA-21-GG-01919-JAGX $43,733 Open
2021 Augusta County Alco-Sensors COUNTY OF AUGUSTA VA 15PBJA-21-GG-01948-JAGX $12,165 Open
2021 BJA Edward Byrne Taser Grant FY21 CAMPBELL, COUNTY OF VA 15PBJA-21-GG-01944-JAGX $10,508 Open
2021 BJA FY 21 John R. Justice Program FY 2021 John R. Justice (JRJ) Program CRIMINAL JUSTICE SERVICES, VIRGINIA DEPARTMENT OF VA 15PBJA-21-GG-00134-JRJX $48,890 Open
2021 Body Worn Camera Expansion Project CHESTERFIELD, COUNTY OF VA 15PBJA-21-GG-01923-JAGX $59,691 Open
2021 Child-Friendly Visitation Experiences CORRECTIONS, VIRGINIA DEPARTMENT OF VA 15PBJA-21-GG-03273-FAMI $350,000 Awarded, but not yet accepted
2021 City of Charlottesville Police Department Justice Assistance (JAG) Program FY 2021 - Local Solicitation CHARLOTTESVILLE, CITY OF VA 15PBJA-21-GG-01920-JAGX $23,284 Awarded, but not yet accepted
2021 City of Manassas Police Department's Implementation of RapidSOS and Enhancement of Response to Violent Large Groups MANASSAS, CITY OF VA 15PBJA-21-GG-01935-JAGX $13,560 Open
2021 City of Suffolk FY21 Justice Assistance Grant-Suffolk Police Department and Suffolk Commonwealth's Attorney's Office CITY OF SUFFOLK VA 15PBJA-21-GG-01947-JAGX $35,013 Open
2021 Community Policing, Sheriff Court Ordered Drug Treatment, Technology and NIBINS Equipment NORFOLK, CITY OF VA 15PBJA-21-GG-01938-JAGX $168,653 Open
2021 Curbing Violence in the Community for a Stronger Richmond RICHMOND, CITY OF VA 15PBJA-21-GG-01941-JAGX $152,346 Open
2021 Economic, High-Technology, White Collar, and Internet Crime Prevention National Training and Technical Assistance Program: NW3C, Inc. FY 2021 Economic, High-Technology, White Collar, and Internet Crime Prevention National Training and Technical Assistance Program NW3C, INC. VA 15PBJA-21-GK-02799-ECON $5,528,491 Open
2021 Edward Byrne Memorial JAG Program FY 2021 Solicitation - Police Bike Overtime and Sheriff's Office Video Technology Project ROANOKE, CITY OF VA 15PBJA-21-GG-01942-JAGX $53,282 Awarded, but not yet accepted
2021 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant 2021 ROANOKE, COUNTY OF VA 15PBJA-21-GG-01943-JAGX $22,150 Open
2021 Enhanced Community Policing through Updated Mobile Data Terminals (MDT) DINWIDDIE, COUNTY OF VA 15PBJA-21-GG-01925-JAGX $10,465 Open
2021 Enhancement of Police Department K-9 Team FREDERICKSBURG, CITY OF VA 15PBJA-21-GG-01927-JAGX $14,432 Awarded, but not yet accepted
2021 Equipment, Technology and Drug Court Initiatives for the Portsmouth Police Department (PPD) PORTSMOUTH, CITY OF VA 15PBJA-21-GG-01940-JAGX $101,201 Open
2021 FFY 2021 JAG - Local Solicitation for the Offices of the Commonwealth's Attorney and Sheriff SPOTSYLVANIA, COUNTY OF VA 15PBJA-21-GG-01945-JAGX $26,859 Awarded, but not yet accepted
2021 Funding Critical Police Equipment CITY OF CHESAPEAKE VA 15PBJA-21-GG-01922-JAGX $136,387 Open
2021 FY 2021 Project Safe Neighborhoods Training and Technical Assistance Program CNA CORPORATION, THE VA 15PBJA-21-GK-02617-MUMU $1,999,723 Open
2021 FY 22 Fairfax County Police Department White Phosphorous Night Vision Goggle Systems - Jag Grant FAIRFAX COUNTY VIRGINIA VA 15PBJA-21-GG-01926-JAGX $131,024 Open
2021 FY21 Community Policing Development (CPD) program - DeEscalation Grant CITY OF VIRGINIA BEACH VA 15PBJA-21-GG-01949-JAGX $78,004 Open