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Funding & Awards

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The Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) offers funding through a variety of different programs. See below to access currently available opportunities, learn about funding webinars, apply to become a peer reviewer, find information about previously available solicitations, and see award details.

Watch this short video to learn about the different steps associated with submitting an application for funding:

Read the solicitation carefully and access the DOJ Application Submission Checklist and the JustGrants Application Submission page for additional guidance.

Discover funding opportunities currently available from BJA.

See key details about available opportunities and helpful information on how to apply.

Learn about funding-related webinars and access webinar materials when available.

The use of BJA grant funds for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), including unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAV), and all accompanying accessories to support UAS or UAV is unallowable.

See project narratives from past opportunities.

Access solicitations released by BJA in past years.

Learn about funding that has been awarded by BJA.

BJA is Seeking Application Peer Reviewers

BJA is looking for individuals from diverse backgrounds and regions who have knowledge, expertise, and/or lived experience across a wide range of justice-related and community safety areas. Reviewers will participate remotely and will review 5-15 applications within a two-week period, earning $125 for each completed review. For more information, including how to apply, see the Peer Review page.

Guidance Resources

Performance Measures

The BJA Performance Measurement Tool (PMT) supports BJA grantees in their ability to identify, collect, and report performance measurement data on activities funded by their award.