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Funding & Awards

See Available Funding
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The Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) offers funding through a variety of different programs. See below to access currently available opportunities, learn about funding webinars, apply to become a peer reviewer, find information about previously available solicitations, and see award details. Subscribe for funding announcements.


The use of BJA grant funds for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), including unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAV), and all accompanying accessories to support UAS or UAV is unallowable.

Changes to the Application Submission Process
Department of Justice (DOJ) funding applications are now submitted in a two-step process, each with its own deadline. Applicants begin the application process by submitting an SF-424 and SF-LLL within Grants.gov. The application information and forms are then transferred to the Justice Grants System (JustGrants) and will automatically appear for the applicant in JustGrants. The applicant can then submit the full application, including attachments, in JustGrants.

For further guidance and resources, read the solicitation document carefully, access the DOJ Application Submission Checklist, and see the JustGrants Application Submission training page.

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Discover funding opportunities currently available from BJA.

See frequently asked questions (FAQs) about JustGrants, Grants.gov, how to apply and manage an award, and more.

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Learn about upcoming and previously held webinars and access webinar materials when available.

Successful Applications
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Find examples of project narratives from previous opportunities.

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Access solicitations released by BJA in past years.

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Learn about funding that has been awarded by BJA.

BJA is Seeking Application Peer Reviewers

BJA is looking for subject experts with diverse professional backgrounds across various criminal justice fields. Reviewers will participate remotely and will review 5-15 applications within a two-week period. If interested, send an email with "Peer Reviewer Candidate Resume" in the subject line to [email protected]. A current resume/curriculum vitae and a valid email address must both be included.

Guidance Resources

NEPA Guidance
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Real Property Reporting
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Performance Measures

The BJA Performance Measurement Tool (PMT) supports BJA grantees in their ability to identify, collect, and report performance measurement data on activities funded by their award.