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Series: Global Advisory Committee

Segment 6: Why Should I Care About Global? And Other Concluding Thoughts

December 2009
GAC Chairman Boehmer and Vice Chairman Wicklund reemphasize the fact that the U.S. DOJ’s Global Justice Information Sharing Initiative is a for practitioner, by practitioner collaboration addressing justice business problems through more effective, more efficient information sharing for colleagues at all levels of government, across the justice and public-safety landscape. If you are a justice executive or practitioner, YOU are Global, so get involved! Contact [email protected] or visit bja.ojp.gov/it/global to learn more about participation opportunities.

Segment 5: A Study in Global Success: Advancing Intelligence Sharing Capabilities

December 2009
Chairman Boehmer discusses how intelligence sharing efforts over recent years– supported by fundamental Global-supported resources (such as the National Criminal Intelligence Sharing Plan and Fusion Center Guidelines: Law Enforcement Intelligence, Public Safety, and the Private Sector) have yielded unprecedented successes through partnerships of state, local, and tribal entities with Federal initiatives, with an emphasis reciprocal, "two-way sharing."

Segment 3: Global Leadership Highlights

November 2009
Global leaders recount leadership highlights, including supporting quality “for practitioners/by practitioners” deliverables that are being adopted by all levels of government and private industry. The “Global process,” a collaborative approach to solving business problems, is also discussed as an invaluable Global success, as well as efforts originating in Global recommendations, such as the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM).