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12 Key Questions to Guide Victim Notification Protocols

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Date Published
April 2020
4 pages

A 12-item checklist guides users in developing protocols that provide crime victims with notification of events in the processing of their cases and the resources available to assist them in recovering from the harms caused by their victimization.


The first checklist item involves determining who will be involved in developing the protocol. The second item involves determining the protocol's guiding principles. The third item involves determining what kind of protocol needs to be developed. The fourth checklist item involves determining when victims will be notified. This is followed by the development of a rationale for why victims should be notified. The sixth checklist item is the determination of who decides whether victims will be notified. The remaining checklist activities pertain to what should happen in the notification; who will conduct the notification; how victims will be contacted; the information that should be given to the victim; how staff will be trained to conduct notifications; and how the protocol will be monitored and evaluated.

Date Published: April 1, 2020