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Addressing Hate Crimes: Six Initiatives That Are Enhancing the Efforts of Criminal Justice Practitioners

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Stephen Wessler
Date Published
February 2000
19 pages
Publication Series
This monograph describes six initiatives for preventing and responding to hate crimes.
The six initiatives to assist criminal justice practitioners in responding to hate crimes are: (1) The International Association of Chiefs of Police Summit: Hate Crime in America, a 2-day summit for law enforcement, civil rights and other leaders to develop recommendations for addressing hate crimes; (2) Department of Justice’s National Hate Crime Training Initiative, to develop multilevel hate crime training curricula for local law enforcement agencies; (3) Bureau of Justice Assistance’s Roll Call Video: Responding to Hate Crimes, which covers the initial response to and investigation of possible hate crimes; (4) The International Association of Chiefs of Police’s Responding to Hate Crimes: A Police Officer’s Guide to Investigation and Prevention of hate incidents and hate crimes, and how best to assist victims; (5) The American Prosecutors Research Institute’s Resource Guide, Prosecutors Respond to Hate Crimes Project; and (6) The Maine Department of the Attorney General’s Designated Civil Rights Officers Project, to develop a coordinated statewide system for hate crime investigation and prosecution.

Date Published: February 1, 2000