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Aligning Justice-to-Health Priority Exchanges Task Team Final Report

Global Standards Council's Justice-to-Health Services Task Team
Date Published
August 2014
10 pages
Publication Series

The value of stronger communication, and in particular, stronger interoperable “electronic” information sharing between the Justice and Health domains has been recognized by both communities. To that end, the Global Justice Information Sharing Initiative (Global) embarked on an incremental collaborative process to identify high priority justice-to-health inter-exchange opportunities that would not only provide the most beneficial use for the justice community, but would also align with the top information exchange priorities identified by the health community.  This report offers a brief background and insight into how both communities derived their own most pressing information exchange priorities and concludes with recommendations by the Global Standards Council’s (GSC), Justice-to-Health Services Task Team (JH-STT) on (1) which inter-domain exchanges to pursue initially and (2) how best to begin aligning the two domain information exchange architectures to ensure a low policy and legal risk pilot/implementation and gain the additional buy-in and support from both the justice and health communities.

Date Published: August 1, 2014