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Bureau of Justice Assistance Programs Supporting Law Enforcement

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Fact Sheet
This report briefly describes 23 programs sponsored by the U.S. Justice Department’s Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) that are intended to benefit law enforcement efforts.
The BJA ‘s mandated mission is to assist in making U.S. communities safer by strengthening the nation’s criminal justice system. BJA’s grants, training, and technical assistance, as well as policy development services provide government jurisdictions (state, local, tribal, and territorial) and public and private organizations with the cutting-edge tools and best practices they need to support law enforcement, reduce violent and drug-related crime, and combat victimization. In addition to brief descriptions of each of 23 BJA programs related to law enforcement responsibilities, each program lists the web link that provides a fuller program description and contact information for the BJA person who is the “policy lead” for the program. Among the topics and issues addressed in the listed BJA programs are body-worn cameras, a bulletproof vest partnership program, improving officer safety, officer benefit programs, and anti-terrorism training, sexual assault kit backlogs, countering human trafficking, and preventing school violence.
Date Created: September 29, 2019