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Business Process Description Version 1.0

Date Published
September 2014
Global Standards Council
Publication Series
Publication Type
Technical Assistance

Global has added a new document—the Business Process Description Document (BPDD) Template—to its portfolio of standards associated with the Global Reference Architecture (GRA).  It is not uncommon for multiple services to be required to solve a single business information sharing need.  For example, lessons learned through GRA-based service specification development and implementation revealed a need to separate the business process from individual service specifications.  In instances where multiple services are required to address a business need, the BPDD will better represent the overall business process that all services are working to support by describing and illustrating both a business process model and a corresponding service interaction process flow that meets the exchange and processing requirements.  Essentially, this document is used to transform a business process into a service interaction process model where the service interaction process model identifies those specific services required to meet the business objectives.

In turn, and to better assist a service developer in creating an aforementioned service interaction process model, Global has created a GRA Service Interaction Process Modeling Profile (GRA-SIPMP).  The GRA-SIPMP offers a modeling notation for service interaction process models.  The profile also identifies three primary service flow Archetypes:  Event-Driven, Request-Response, and Query-Response.  Expectations are that the profile will promote better service design standardization; simplify the overall design process; and assist in following the GRA Service Design Principles, as outlined in the Global Reference Architectures (GRA) Guidelines for Identifying and Designing Services, Version 1.1.

Both the BPDD and SIPMP documents are contained in the Business Process Description file.

Date Created: February 16, 2021