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Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation (BCJI) Planning and Implementation Milestones

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March 2014
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A suggested calendar of activities or milestones is provided for grantees under the Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation (BCJI), whose goal is to use evidence-based planning and strategies that will reduce crime and improve safety in distressed communities.
The suggested milestones are based on a 3-year Planning and Implementation period, with a 1-year planning effort and a 2-year implementation effort. Since these are suggested activities or milestones, many BCJI sites will not include all of the activities; however, it is expected that for most sites, the majority of these elements will be part of the overall BCJI effort. For the "Planning Phase," milestones are grouped under the following time frames: 0-3 months (seven milestones completed); 4-6 months (nine milestones completed); and 7-12 months (10 milestones completed). For the "Implementation Phase," suggested milestones are listed under the following time frames: 13-18 months (six milestones completed); 19-24 months (four milestones completed); 31-36 months (seven milestones completed); and 36 months (six milestones completed).

Date Published: March 1, 2014