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Campus Security Guidelines: Recommended Operational Policies for Local and Campus Law Enforcement Agencies

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Date Published
September 2009
152 pages
Based on surveys sent to every member city of the Major Cities Chiefs (MCC) and campus public safety departments, along with a subsequent analysis of survey findings by representatives from local and campus law enforcement, this publication contains campus security guidelines in the areas of policies and agreements, prevention and preparedness, coordinated response, and "after action."
Five key recommendations emerged from the survey findings. First, local and campus law enforcement agencies should have both policies and formal agreements that define general and specific roles for all types of incident response. Second, local and campus law enforcement agencies must coordinate policies and actions with each other in order to be prepared to respond to critical incidents. Third, local and campus law enforcement must cooperate in finding solutions for achieving interoperable communications that will enable personnel to communicate with one another in the course of interagency responses to critical incidents. Fourth local and campus law enforcement agencies should cooperate in improving information-sharing and threat assessments in the shared jurisdiction. Fifth, local and campus law enforcement agencies should plan and practice joint media and public relations scenarios, since perceptions of competency and coordination are paramount during a critical campus incident. The report's section on formal policies and agreements provides guidelines for the development of written policies and formal agreements between local and campus law enforcement departments. Another set of guidelines is intended to assist local and campus law enforcement agencies in preventing and preparing for critical incidents on campus. This is followed by a set of guidelines that recommend actions that local and campus law enforcement should take in executing a coordinated response. The final set of guidelines assists campus and local law enforcement in a coordinated recovery period in the aftermath of a critical incident. Guidelines charts and appended acronyms, campus security initiative workshop participants and resources, and a legislative overview

Date Published: September 1, 2009