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Comprehensive Communities Program: Program Account

NCJ Number
Date Published
March 2001
12 pages
Publication Series
This bulletin discusses issues that individual stakeholders must confront as they work together toward crime reduction and a better quality of life.
The bulletin presents basic information about the Comprehensive Communities Program (CCP) by highlighting jurisdictions that have used it successfully. It describes the principles and critical elements of CCP as well as findings from national and local evaluations and assessments of the program. CCP’s goals are to suppress violence and restore community well-being, initiate comprehensive planning, develop a multi-agency strategy, encourage citizens to take an active role in problem-solving, and coordinate Federal, State, local, and private agency resources. Critical elements of the CCP approach are strategic planning, a well-defined management structure, process and outcome evaluations, and plans for sustaining the strategy over the long term. The bulletin concludes that CCP is an effective, proven approach to crime prevention, reducing the fear of crime, and improving quality of life in neighborhoods. Equally important, CCP communities and neighborhoods have developed new and innovative partnerships, found solutions through problem-solving, and committed to changing how public safety works. Table, notes, resources

Date Published: March 1, 2001