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Criminal Courts Technical Assistance Project

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Joseph A. Trotter Jr.
Date Published
February 2001
8 pages
Publication Series
This report describes the services and summarizes the publications of the Criminal Courts Technical Assistance Project (CCTAP) funded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) to serve criminal courts and related adjudication system agencies.
CCTAP offers onsite consultation to individual courts, justice system agencies, and general government agencies; office-based technical assistance; multijurisdiction workshops; a publications program of best-practice guides. American University has established this national technical assistance project in partnership with the National Legal Aid and Defender Association, the Pretrial Services Resource Center, and the Justice Management Institute. CCTAP operates in coordination with the Court Information Systems Technical Assistance Project sponsored by BJA and with other programs sponsored by the Department of justice and State Justice Institutes. Priorities for CCTAP services result from periodic surveys of practitioners and through the project's liaison relationships with national membership organizations. CCTAP aims to promote the development and conduct of accessible, fair, prompt, modern, efficient, and accountable criminal adjudication system processes and to promote the coordinated and efficient administration of justice. It also aims to enhance public confidence in the criminal adjudication system and its components and to stimulate networking among criminal courts and related agencies to increase awareness of promising approaches. The CCTAP web site contains a wide range of information on technical assistance and training services provided by CCTAP and other programs based at American University. Descriptions of resource documents developed by CCTAP, note, and contact information for organizations from which to obtain further information

Date Published: February 1, 2001