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From Drug Court to Classroom: Creating the Court-to-College Program

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Date Published
September 2012
29 pages
This manual describes the step-by-step process by which drug courts and SUNY schools can partner to implement the initiative.
This document is broken down into multiple sections: 1) Find a Partner, 2) Identify Participants, 3) Create Internship Program, 4) Refer Participants to the Interns and, 5) Final Considerations. Each section has steps for implementing the initiative in a New York State adult drug court. The "Partnering with your Local Community College" section describes reaching out to the SUNY campuses and speaking with the College Presidents, directors of admissions and financial aid and other department heads. The "Identifying Participants" section focuses on steps the team can take to properly screen a candidate to determine if he is "initiative ready." "The Drug Court Interns" section discusses setting up a drug court internship program to assist implementation of the initiative. The "Referring Participants to the Interns" section discusses how the interns can support the participant in the potentially overwhelming application process. The "Final Considerations" section discusses other factors to keep in mind when establishing this program. Also included in the Practitioner Manual are forms and handouts that support and facilitate the entire Initiative process. Appendixes

Date Published: September 1, 2012