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Elected Official's Guide to Community Correctional Options, Second Edition

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Date Published
July 2010
61 pages
This guide is a reference for elected officials and provides practical and trustworthy information about community corrections practices that work.
This second edition provides elected officials, justice leaders, budget officers, policy analysts, educators, and others with current information and strategies that make community supervision sentences credible and effective. Based on the latest research available, the practices and strategies identified in this guide are viable, evidence-based options for reducing recidivism and preventing crime while managing costs. The guide defines community corrections and reviews the dollars and sense issues regarding the investment in community corrections options. It covers research about core components of community corrections practice which must exist as a foundation for effective crime reductions. Key strategies are reviewed that target the priority risk factors present in a community corrections population. Additional tools that enhance case management efforts are discussed. And finally, a sampling of legislation and resources is provided to assist in gathering further information for informed funding decisions. Most of the recommended practices identified and described in this guide are considered to be promising practices or have been evaluated and found to be effective. Most have been shown to produce a substantial return on investment. Many have been certified as "evidence-based" through a well-respected research organization. Figure, appendixes, and bibliography

Date Published: July 1, 2010