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Evaluation & Research Literature: The State of Knowledge on BJA-Funded Programs, FY 2016

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Date Published
June 2016
223 pages
This report presents the results of a systematic literature review of evaluations of 34 programs funded by the U.S. Justice Department's Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), whose mission is to provide leadership in services, grant administration, and criminal justice policy development in support of local, State, and tribal justice.
The goals of this report are to I) assess the state of knowledge on BJA-funded programs as determined by data collection, research, and evaluation; 2) be a resource on evaluation and research literature related to BJA programs; 3) identify innovative programs and sound practices derived from programs funded by the U.S. Justice Department; 4) highlight programs and practices that have a solid foundation of evidence; and 5) identify programs that may benefit from further research and evaluation. The report presents a summary table that shows the number of evaluations, Crimesolutions.gov ratings of programs and practices, and other related research. The table quantifies the number of reports, reviews, or articles in each topic area and includes a key that defines the terms used in the summary table and program sections. The methods used in compiling this report are described. The compilers of this report advise that although the report is comprehensive, it is not intended to be a complete accounting of all research and evaluations for a certain program or initiative. BJA will continue to update this report regularly as new information is published.

Date Published: June 1, 2016