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Federated Identity and Privilege Management (GFIPM): Cryptographic Trust Model

Date Published
April 2012
32 pages
Global Standards Council
Publication Series
Publication Type
Reference Material

The GFIPM Cryptographic Trust Model defines a normative schema for a GFIPM Cryptographic Trust Fabric, which is document shared among all members of a GFIPM federation. A GFIPM Cryptographic Trust Fabric document contains public key material and system entity metadata for each trusted endpoint in the federation. The spec also defines a set of processes by which the GFIPM Cryptographic Trust Fabric document is created, distributed, and updated based on changes in federation membership. In addition, it defines a normative set of rules that all federation members must follow during inter-organizational transactions to ensure that all transactions properly utilize the cryptographic trust fabric. The standard incorporates normative standards from SAML 2.0 and the GFIPM Metadata 2.0 spec.

Date Created: February 12, 2021