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Global Justice Information Sharing Initiative: Exploring Service-Oriented Architecture Services for Justice Information Sharing

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Date Published
October 2005
8 pages
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This booklet’s purpose is to provide an executive briefing on services to decision makers, about the Justice Department’s Global Information Sharing Initiative and its pursuit of a Justice Reference Architecture, the concept of Service-Oriented Architecture and its relevance to the future of justice information sharing, and the plan for sharing software services across the justice domain.


This booklet informs decision makers on the details about the services aspect of the Global Information Sharing Initiative (Global)’s pursuit of a Justice Reference Architecture, and its plan for using a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) to develop an effective and efficient means for justice information sharing that also considers privacy and safety concerns. Global’s Justice Reference Architecture consists of four pieces: standards, services, policies, and registries. This booklet provides a background on SOA; a detailed description of SOA services, including service basics, coordination of services, industry product maturity, risks, an International Justice and Public Safety Information Sharing Network (Nlets) example of SOA; and a discussion of the risks and benefits of implementing SOA services.

Date Published: October 1, 2005