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Global Privacy Resources Booklet

Date Published
January 2012
16 pages
Publication Series

Thanks to the great work by the U.S. Department of Justice's (DOJ) Global, Global partners, and through DOJ collaborations with other federal agencies, there are a variety of privacy awareness, policy development, and implementation products available to the justice community today. To help these agencies know which privacy product(s) to use when and for what purpose, Global has published a roadmap for navigating through these resources in a Global Privacy Resources booklet. The road map graphically illustrates the stages an agency naturally goes through when embarking on such an endeavor, (such as education and awareness, self-assessment, policy development, technical implementation, and training). Each of these stages, together, comprises a Privacy Program Cycle. The Global Privacy Resources booklet graphically illustrates every stage of this cycle and guides agencies to the resources they need for each particular stage. Global recognizes that State, Local, and Tribal (SLT) justice entities come in all sizes, with a variety of roles and with varying degrees of available resources. The resources presented in this booklet are flexible and designed to meet a spectrum of privacy protection needs. In addition to this downloadable booklet, Global has also developed an online version of this information available here.

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