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Inmate Release Information (IRI) Service Specification, Version 1.0

Global Standards Council
Date Published
September 2012
Publication Series

The Inmate Release Information reference service standard will allow requesting agencies, e.g. fusion centers, arresting agency, law enforcement, probation, parole, state criminal history repository, prosecutor, public defender, victim advocacy organizations, etc, to request summary or detailed information regarding an inmate’s supervision profile and release from a partnering corrections organization.  In turn, this is expected to facilitate enhanced situational awareness for the justice and public safety communities by providing timely notification of inmate reentry.

NOTE:  To fully review the purpose, scope, capability offered and real-world effect(s) this service specification intends to address, we invite your full review of the associated Service Description Document (SDD).  It can be located by first downloading the service specification zip file on this webpage followed by navigating to the “artifacts” folder.  There you’ll discover the corresponding SDD for this service. 

Date Published: September 25, 2012