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Justice Reinvestment: A Toolkit for Local Leaders

NCJ Number
Helen Ho; S. Rebecca Neusteter; Nancy G. La Vigne
Date Published
November 2013
50 pages
This toolkit presents an overview of the justice reinvestment model for local leaders, including examples from localities that have implemented justice reinvestment.
This toolkit presents an overview of the justice reinvestment process to local leaders, those who have both an understanding of the different agencies in the criminal justice system and some executive authority over the programmatic, policy, and/or fiscal operations of at least one local criminal justice agency. These leaders include county executives, county managers, mayors, sheriffs, and police chiefs. This toolkit explains the need for justice reinvestment and describes the justice reinvestment model. It then explains the importance of interagency strategic planning and implementation efforts and how to set up a collaborative body. Each step of the justice reinvestment model is further described in detail: collecting and analyzing data, identifying cost-saving strategies, implementing the strategies, monitoring progress, and reinvesting savings. This toolkit concludes with final thoughts and further resources for leaders to employ as they begin the justice reinvestment process. Figures and notes

Date Published: November 1, 2013