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Juvenile Education History Query/Response Service, Version 1.0

Date Published
May 2016
Publication Series

The Juvenile Education History Query/Response Service (JEHQRS) is designed to support sharing of educational background information among Juvenile Justice Decision Makers who are often responsible for performing youth risk assessments and State Educational Agencies (SEA). The JEHQRS allows a requesting juvenile justice-related entity (e.g., Department of Probation) to request educational history information for a specific student from a SEA in conjunction with an intake assessment. Assessments are typically performed on intake by juvenile probation personnel.

NOTE: To fully review the purpose, scope, capability offered and real-world effect(s) this service specification intends to address, we invite your full review of the associated Service Description Document (SDD). It can be located by first downloading the service specification zip file on this webpage followed by navigating to the “artifacts” folder. There you’ll discover the corresponding SDD for this service.

Date Published: May 13, 2016