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Keeping Illegal Activity Out of Rental Property: A Police Guide for Establishing Landlord Training Programs

NCJ Number
Date Published
March 2000
120 pages
Publication Series
The Landlord Training Program emphasizes cooperation among property owners, tenants, and law enforcement agencies to help neighborhoods fight drug-related crime.
This monograph was developed to help police agencies implement Landlord Training Programs in their communities. The monograph contains two distinct sections: Section I provides a program overview for law enforcement personnel who wish to understand the history of the Landlord Training Program and gain perspective on what it takes to implement a program for an individual jurisdiction. Section II reproduces the national version of the Landlord Training Manual. This is the manual that landlords receive at the training. It is provided in this monograph for law enforcement because it is the best way to show directly the scope, content, and paradigm of the landlord training program.

Date Published: March 1, 2000