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Kid's Korner Program: City of Reno, Nevada, Police Department

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Brian Crane; Kelly Dedel Johnson Ph.D.
Date Published
June 2000
7 pages
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The Kid's Korner program in Reno, Nev., is a "Knock-and-Talk" program in which police officers visit and check on the welfare of children living in local motels and provide families access to resources in the community.
Kid's Korner focuses on one of Reno's hidden crises: the significant need of homeless children and families who have found temporary housing in the area's motels. The program's target population is children who range in age from newborn to age 6 who are at risk because of inadequate health care, adult supervision, housing, and nutrition. A public health nurse accompanies a police officer to offer on-the-spot health and social assessments of the families, "well-baby" checkups, and immediate medical referrals. The nurse also provides education on hygiene, nutrition, child development, parenting skills, and the effects of drugs and alcohol. Funding from the Bureau of Justice Assistance has enabled the Reno Police Department to add a full-time police officer and a full-time public health nurse to Kid's Korner, so more children and families can be served. The program has found that families new to the program are more willing to see program staff when a uniformed police officer initiates contact than when the nurse visits alone. The police officer lends a reassuring presence to families unfamiliar with the program. In preparation for motel visits, the team assembles resources, which include educational materials, toys, school supplies, children's clothes, diapers, transportation vouchers, and resource guides. Many community groups regularly provide resources for the program. 1 exhibit

Date Published: June 1, 2000