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Mapping Community Resources

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Date Published
October 2023
3 pages

This Center of Justice Innovation publication discusses mapping of community resources for court participants and provides a downloadable and customizable spreadsheet to facilitate this process.


This publication by the Center for Justice Innovation provides tips for mapping community resources for court participants. Community resource mapping is the process of identifying and documenting local assets, such as social service agencies, schools, faith organizations, and civic associations that can serve as potential resources or partners in alternative problem-solving justice initiatives. This publication provides tips for resource mapping: using existing sources; brainstorming resources and tailoring a list of “key community assets”; creating a repository of partners (using a provided spreadsheet) and reviewing it often to ensure information is up to date and relevant; ensuring cultural sensitivity and responsiveness; consulting with local community groups; remaining mindful of costs associated with obtaining treatment/seeking ways to mitigate cost barriers for clients; verifying eligibility prior to referring participants to community-based services; regularly meeting with programs being referred to clients; entering into a linkage agreement or memorandum of understanding with frequently used programs; honoring the dignity and agency of clients by providing meaningful choices in selecting service providers whenever options are available; and seeking feedback from clients on their experiences with service providers. Resource mapping covers the following areas: basic needs; community advocates; family supports; employment and education; legal needs; and health and wellbeing. Finally, the publication encourages focusing on individuals, and provides an example of resource brainstorming for an individual with specific needs. The publication includes a link to a downloadable and customizable spreadsheet to facilitate this process.

Date Published: October 1, 2023